Elite organizations are refining and implementing Human Performance as a primary training methodology to improve the well-being and productivity of their most important asset: their people. The O2X's Human Performance Program educates members on a complete approach to wellness. Our world class online education and classroom instruction is backed by cutting edge science and research. The proven curriculum creates lasting impacts on both an individual level and the organization at large. Join us today and commit to Rise Higher.


strength conditioning






stress management




Running, lifting, practicing yoga and cross-training. All of these exercises – and many more – physically condition the body and fulfill the most active element within a complete Human Performance Program

Nutrition is the fuel for every other element with a complete Human Performance Program, especially fitness conditioning and recovery.

Proper sleep enhances every other element of a complete Human Performance by allowing optimal conditioning recovery, nutrition metabolism and emotional balance.

Stress management is the mental component within a complete Human Performance Program. Reduced stress will ripple through conditioning and allow for better recovery and metabolism.

Resilience is the ability to withstand mental, physical & emotional challenges, and emerge stronger. Resilience is a necessary element – and learned by-product – of a complete Human Performance Program.



A continuous stream of workouts, conditioning, nutrition ideas, thought provoking reading recommendations, inspiring quotes and world class human performance advice.


An in depth video or course module within one of the five HP Pillars, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Rest/Recovery, Stress Management and Resilience. Delving deeper to build a knowledge base.


The Subscription page is pre-loaded with running plans, workout programs, recipes, nutrition guides, sleep and recovery tips, stress management techniques and resilience building habits.


O2X encourages comments and sharing with other HP subscribers to develop a community and feedback loop.




"The Boston Fire Department is truly grateful to the team at O2X. O2X has developed a program that addresses the total wellness of our members. They have truly earned our trust and acceptance. The BFD will go into the future with the concepts of O2X as a guiding force in maintaining good physical and emotional health for our members and their families."
Gerard T. Fontana - Chief of Operations/Field Services, Boston Fire Department
"We originally hired O2X to conduct a one time "train the trainer" program. The feedback was so positive and the interest among our members was so great, that we have just recently scheduled our 3rd and 4th workshops. The members have consistently stated "that this is the best training that we have ever had. The O2X team also put on a Resilience Seminar with world class speakers who engaged the crowd from beginning to end. Difficult subjects such as depression, suicide, addiction and PTSD were covered It was an overwhelming success with multiple people requesting to follow up with support groups after the seminar."
Gregory J. Mackin - Deputy Fire Chief, Boston Fire Department
"The O2X team created a unique execu3ve experience that pushed me way outside of "normal". It was not only that we were beyond our comfort zones (we were) but the combina3on of the physical and mental has strangely forced me to re- evaluate my professional and personal goals. I would recommend this experience without reserva3on. In truth, weeks later I find myself missing the 4 feet of snow and the team."
Greg Guest – KKR
"Given the itinerary, filled with winter land navigation in deep snow, I expected a physical challenge. What surprised me was the mental experience. Being pushed out of the day to day comfort zone we all fall into, where it is easy to avoid discomfort or difficult situa3ons, was the real challenge. My learnings centered around maintaining calm and focus when forced into a moment like this, which is a skill highly worth developing further. In the end my O2X experience has really caused me to reflect and react differently than I would have in the past. The O2X team was knowledgeable, very well prepared, and a lot of fun. An overall great experience."
Jim Morrow - Fidelity Investments